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cannot find clipbrd.exe in folder in system32

Cannot find recovery drive

Cannot download I Tunes

cannot get video display to project

Cannot get past incorrect password screen on Windows 10

Cannot Download iTunes

cannot get the windows logo

cannot dowload itunes

Cannot Hide Disks With No Media On

cannot get network to recognize pc

Cannot install any programs--and other issues

Cannot get Win10

Cannot Get Windows to Start

cannot delete file in Temp

Cannot install an update on Windows 10

cannot get on internet: updated drivers

Cannot Find Shortcut

Cannot get LAN card to install correctly!

Cannot install programs

Cannot get to desktop

Cannot get SPYBOT to run without crashing!

Cannot initiate "defrag"

cannot hear sound

Cannot Install Anything

Cannot listen to MP3 with WMP (Vista)

Cannot install Windows 10 from USB

Cannot Install 'Important' Security Update

Cannot install/run iTunes or QuickTime

Cannot Install Netgear WG111v2

Cannot Load Windows

Cannot maintain connection after installing and uninstalling new wireless ada

Cannot launch apps

Cannot make Outlook the default program for MAILTO protocol - stuck with MS Mail

Cannot install windows - reboots

Cannot Install sound on laptop

cannot get any disc i load on screen

Cannot move on my browser

cannot install win 10

cannot open Windows

Cannot Open Windows Live Hotmail

Cannot play music CDs or DVDs after Vista Upgrade

cannot play the cd using digital playback

cannot play some mp3's i have

Cannot open Word or Excel files

Cannot open programs or tools

cannot rebuild thumbs.db correctly

Cannot maximize window

Cannot re-load printer driver

Cannot save any file to desktop - for malware protection?

Cannot play my files on WMP 11

Cannot Shutdown or Restart windows via Start Menu

Cannot start Windows on first boot

Cannot save new workbooks after loading Windows 10

Cannot start Windows

Cannot upgrade from retail 8.1 to win 10 home

Cannot Start wifi hotspot on win 10 Pro

Cannot Run WIn95/98 games using XP

cannot snyc my time

Cannot view images/videos in Windows Photo Gallery

Cannot shutdown when power is plugged in / Explorer crashes

Cannot Update Win 8.1 because of Win 10 hacks

Cannot setup Workgroup Networking

Cannot share from Vista PC- XP PC

cannot use right click to access properties on c drive

Cannot share vista to xp

Cannot use Add or Remove in XP

Cannot update/install anything Via internet.

Cannot use Windows Update and have random occasional errors

cannot use scrolling in window folders

cannot transfer files over home network

Cannot Update Itunes or Install Current Version.

Cannot sync with windows time server!

Canon driver problem

Cannot use Add/Remove Programs

Canon camera A490 not recognized

Cannot turn on my computer after shut down.

Cannot see nw storage

canot get network adapter in my device manager or internet connections

Can't Access any Windows Explorer Folders

Can't access anything in control panel

Can't access add or remove programs.

Can't access add/remove programs

Can't access applications after software install

Can't access Gmail with Firefox or Opera but can with Edge

Can't access login screen

Can't Access Control Panel or Task Manager

Can't access desktop icons

can't access laptop shared folders on home network

Can't access My Computer or My Documents

can't access "ipconfig" in win XP home

Can't Access Network Folders after Windows 10 upgrade

Can't access Windows backup file.

Can't access taskbar

Can't access HD Properties

Can't access windows

Can't add network users after add local users

Can't add or install any printer in XP (software related)

Can't Boot - Perpetual Start up cycle

Can't Access to Registry

Can't boot into any OS

can't access windows update (n other problems)

Cant Add/Remove Programs

Can't Add/Remove Programs

Cant added user accounts

Can't boot manufacturer's repair environment.

cant access startup menu

Can't Boot After Unchecked # of Boot Processors in MSCONFIG

can't always open anything on net and very slow

Can't boot or install Windows 10 from USB

Can't boot or recover or format/reinnstall

Cant add or remove programs

Can't boot into Windows Home Edition

can't access programs (excel

Can't access Regedit - Win7 32bit

Can't Access Network folders on laptop

Cant access My anything!

Can't access internet from desktop icon

Can't burn Acer system back-up to DVD's

Can't access folders in Vista Windows Explorer

Can't burn cd or copy files to CD Roms

Can't boot to OS

Can't Boot [Urgent!]

cant boot/install windows off disc.

Can't access the registry!

can't activate power schemes

can't boot win7 after failed xp install

cant click on desktop or taskbar icons

Can't boot computer after restore and updates.

Can't cancel Print Jobs

cant change rezolutin/color settings!

Can't boot windows dual booting ubuntu

Can't boot Windows ME

Can't boot Windows after Windows 10 update.

Can't change back to Windows XP style/theme

Can't boot windows without Boot CD

Can't associate a file to a program. Why?

Can't Complete Windows 10 Installation-Error from First boot

Can't Boot after crash

Can't Click on Toolbar

Can't change my name in user account

Can't Connect After Standby

Cant connect through ethernet

Can't choose Arrange By Artist in My Music Directory

Can't connect after NetStumbler un-install

Can't click and enter user name on PC

Can't Connect to Cable

cant connect to internet after re-installing wndwsXPHOME

Can't connect after repairing network.

Can't connect after updates.

Can't connect to Internet - Winsock problem

Can't connect to home "server" to share files

Can't connect to adhoc network

can't connect to internet-lost default to ip

Can't connect to Ethernet

Can't connect laptop after networking

Can't connect to the Internet with Window 10

cant connect to proxy and my ethernet is not connected (moved from W10)

Can't connect with ethernet

Can't connect via LAN

Can't Connect to Secure WIreless Network

Can't connect to Secure Wireless Networks

can't connect to wireless after laptop standby

Can't connect to shared folders on laptop

can't copy and read data over LAN network

Can't connect to secure network

Cant defrag

Can't Defrag!

Cant change background and files wont open with the right program

Can't create custom recovery image.

Can't Defrag C

Can't defrag C: drive

Cant Connect With The Other Pc.

cant defrag d drive

Can't burn URGE Downloads

Can't defrag files

can't delete app under Win10

Can't defrag or disk scan

Can't Connect/Refresh/Repair Wireless Networks

Can't delete 2nd copy of printer

cant customize start tiles

Can't delete favourites?

cant create win 8.1 bootable usb

Can't disable sleep mode

Can't delete Adobe folder

cant defrag and.

Cant display windows update page

Can't defrag or complete disk scan

can't defrag in xp

Cant defrag or fix hd

Can't Delete/move files

Can't Download Microsoft Works 2000

Can't disable updates on Windows 10

cant end a process

cant find drivers for my speakers. please help!

Can't download Win XP updates

Cant Even Click On Files!

Can't find 1680 x 1050 in display settings

Can't connect to Internet on peer-to-peer

Can't find my webcam cd:(

Can't find Microsoft

Can't finish my Recovery CD reinstallation

can't fix my sound card driver

Can't find photo showing up in Windows XP screensaver

can't find my icon cache key

Can't Fix System Time

Can't Find WLAN Software That actually Downloads

Can't find my memory slot !

Can't find MS Office

Can't Find Printers on Network

Can't find problem (eats my disk space) - HJT log

Can't find Local Security Policy

Can't extract audio from CD's anymore

cant find sound driver

Can't get into the Windows

Can't get favorites from old setup to work in new setup

Can't get my Blu-ray to work! (x64)

cant get my built in camera to work

Can't edit the registry

Cant get into Windows

Can't get into windows

Can't get Admin Permission

Can't get Coranto to work

Can't get IE 6 to play media in separate player window

cant get digital cam to work

Can't get into My Documents

can't get dig. camera to connect to PC

Can't get creative sound card to work

cant get on to desktop

Can't get on desktop

Can't get onto desktop

Can't get past flickering screen at start-up .

Can't get past the starting windows screen

Can't get online after virus removal?

Cant Get Past Windows Loading Screen

cant get my wireless drivers to work

Can't get past anything that requires admin consent.

Can't find sound software :(

Can't Get 3 Monitors working extended desktop.

Can't get past Windows Logo

Cant get sound drivers for vista!

Can't get past Windows loading screen.

Cant get sound drivers to install

Can't get sound drivers to work

Cant get past startup screen

Can't get drivers or codecs that work so NO sound or video :( please help.

Cant get online with my ethernet

Can't get my time synced

Can't get Office 97 to install

cant get past login

Cant get Task manager or Regedit to open

Can't download iTunes

can't get to desktop

can't get vista to prompt usb drive for readyboost

Can't get rid of Spykiller screen upon opening

can't give my computer a soft boot to shut down

Can't get past windows 7 screen

Can't get to logon screen

Can't get past the Windows screen

Can't get rid of two message windows

can't get to windows!

Can't get to log in screen

cant get past "starting windows" screen

Can't get to my desktop

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